Representative decisions

These published decisions are selected from numerous proceedings in which I have successfully represented my clients before the civil panels of the Federal Supreme Court in recent years.

Orders and Judgements of June 25, 2020, February 24, 2022 and October 26, 2023 – I ZR 176/19

The Federal Supreme Court decides, that vending machines at supermarket checkouts must bear the legal warning indications after twice submitting the case to the European Court of Justice (C-217/20 and C-356/22). This is a far-reaching success for the anti-smoking group that I represent.

Judgement of October 20, 2023 – I ZR 135/20

The Federal Supreme Court changes its long-standing precedent on how prices for drink containers that also include deposits have to be communicated, after submitting the case to the European Court of Justice (C-543/21). It accepts the manner in which the national retail chain represented by me has indicated prices.

Judgement of September 19, 2023 – X ZR 103/21

In this patent nullity action an important telecommunication patent that was widely used in the automotive industry was at stake. On behalf of the patent owner, I succeed in defending the patent with only minor amendments.

Order of September 13, 2023 – XII ZB 400/22

This case concerned the treatment of deferred compensation elements that are common in the financial industry, in the context of divorce proceedings. The Supreme Court follows the arguments of the appellant represented by me and decides that these future payments would not form part of the joint assets.

Judgement of August 1, 2023 – VI ZR 82/22

In this product liability case, I represent the manufacturer of a ceramic inlay in a hip endoprosthesis. The Supreme Court decides in my client’s favor and clarifies important questions concerning the burden of proof and the monitoring duties of the manufacturer.

Judgement of July 5, 2023 – IV ZR 118/22

The Federal Supreme Court examines the admissibility of a widely used clause in insurance terms and conditions and decides the case in favor of the insurance company represented by me.

Orders of July 1, 2021 and June 6, 2023 – I ZB 31/20

The Federal Supreme Court submits questions concerning the design protection of parts of complex products to the European Court of Justice (C-472/21) and as a result finds in favor of my client.

Judgement of May 16, 2023 – VI ZR 116/22

In this fundamental decision, the Federal Supreme Court overturns the judgment of the court of appeals and finds in favor of the media company represented by me. According to the judgement, the publication of the diaries of a banker involved in a financial scandal is legal. The court also significantly limits the relevance of a criminal statute that prohibits the publication of documents contained in court files.

Judgement of February 28, 2023 – X ZR 23/21

This is another patent nullity action in the field of telecommunication patents. The Federal Supreme Court upholds my client’s patent for the most part. In the same case, the Supreme Court provides important clarification on the value in controversy in such matters.